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Basana Chhetri is a brand name owned by a Nepalese-American designer living in the United States of America. She was born and raised in Nepal, and educated and trained in Nepal, Japan and England. Basana Chhetri is a a costume designer & an artist by profession. Learning about historical costumes & arts around the world and turning them into modern cutting-edge designs are her main speciality. Chhetri also paints on stretched canvases, plain silk, and on wearable fabrics while creating a fusion of traditional art-work and apparel design. Over 85% of her collections are made in Bentonville, Arkansas. Her brand understands the significance of creating domestic products and paying close attention to quality, and aims to convey this message to local audiences. Basana Chhetri has done solo exhibitions on art & fashion in Tokyo, New York, London & Kathmandu. She has participated in NWA Fashion Week for two seasons, Spring 2019 & Fall 2019.
She is quintilingual with an extensive cross-cultural upbringing and exposure that shapes her creative expressions.


Basana Chhetri's Collection


3rd October at Drake Field

Fayetteville, AR


Basana Chhetri Collection
at NWA Fashion Week Spring 2019


Together For Peace

I made this Kimono robe whilst dedicating the piece of art to International World Peace Day. 
I have individually illustrated and hand painted all 195 countries’ flags on stretched canvas with all my love and respect.
This is probably the first time in the history of dress making or in any form of art where all the flags of the countries had been hand painted and sewn together using both hand and machine. The handmade nature of this piece is one significant reason why I titled the work “Together For Peace”.

Pointing out our differences will not fix our broken world, love and togetherness will. - Basana

Fashion is the mirror of a society. 
Fashion secretly tells you all about it, you just have to listen to understand…..

Basana Chhetri




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